How to expand Prestige through external Data Sources

The basic Prestige model can be infinitely expanded, compartmentalizing the different sources in an approach such as ΔKSS\displaystyle \frac {\sum \Delta K_{S}} {\sum S}, where:

  • ΔK\Delta K: the change in the parameters calculated from the individual sources S between an interval and the other, and

  • SS: the external Source of reference.

The purpose of expansions is incorporating external factors or metrics into the Prestige calculation - such as historical / financial data from existing DAOs or off-chain communities - from platforms such as Dune Analytics, or the community's impact / recognition within the broader ecosystem.

In this case we consider the basic Prestige as AV, the Absolute Value, in its extended formula:

AVn={AV(n1)×min(ΔK,c) if ΔK1AV(n1)×max(ΔK,pf) if ΔK<1AV_{n} = \begin{cases} AV_{(n-1)} \times min(\Delta K, c) \text{ if } \Delta K \ge 1 \\ \\ AV_{(n-1)} \times max(\Delta K, pf) \text{ if } \Delta K < 1\end{cases}


  • AV is the Absolute Value, calculated using the extended formula for Prestige.

  • whateverwhatever is any external Source (S).

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