What is the PS framework

Āut's Participation Score (PS) is a measure of an individual's contributions to a specific Hub within the Āut ecosystem. It is calculated as the ratio of an individual's Given Contributions (GCP) to their Expected Contributions (ECP).

The Participation Score (PS) is designed to measure the value contributed by an individual Participant to a Hub - allowing an on-chain community to measure the Local Reputation of each of their Members/Participants in a fair, meritocratic, and mathematically-verifiable way.

What is a Hub

A Hub is any on-chain group of people joining by free association.

Depending on the participants themselves, a Hub can be a DAO, a decentralized project, a forum, a social network, a network state, etc.

More about the Hub primitive here.

More specifically, the PS framework is designed to measure the ratio between a Member’s intentions (Commitment Level, CL) and their actual Participation (Given Contribution Points, GCP) within a decentralized project or community.

The framework incorporates several key parameters, including Expected Contributions (EC), Given Contributions (GC), individual Commitment Level (iCL), and a constraining factor (c).

GC refers to the tasks and commitments that an individual has completed within a Hub.

EC refers to the tasks and commitments that are expected of an individual based on their Commitment Level (CL) within that Hub.

CL is a measure of an individual's level of engagement and participation to the Hub, and is determined by the amount of tasks and commitment they have agreed to complete within a certain period of time.

The PS framework is used natively in the ĀutID identity framework, and it's an essential component of the Āutonomy Matrix - but can be used and integrated out of the box with minimal adjustments.

PS is a key component of Āut's Āutonomy Matrix, the first-ever decentralized Reputation system - and it is used to calculate an individual's Global Reputation (GR) in the decentralized web.

In addition to its role in calculating GR, PS can also be used to determine an individual's access to certain resources, rewards, permissions and privileges within a Hub - as well as their eligibility for certain tasks and roles.

It is a key factor in ensuring that individuals are held accountable for their commitments and contributions within a community, and helps to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the overall system.

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