1. The Private Island

GCp & the Introduction of the Penalty Factory p-minus

If a Member were not to contribute in a given period of time (meaning -> their GCp in a given period T is equal to 0), the general formula wouldn’t be able to calculate their Participation Score.

To avoid that, we should extend the General Formula as follows:

GC=0PSn=PS(n1)×pGC = 0 \rightarrow PS_{n} = PS_{(n-1)} \times p_{\tiny \ominus}

where pp_{\tiny \ominus} represents a Penalty Factor.

The value of pp_{\tiny \ominus} should always be included between 0.1 and 0.9 (90-to-10%):

0.1p0.90.1 \ge p_{\tiny \ominus} \le 0.9

Hub Operators are able to customize the value of pp_{\tiny \ominus}, and update it after the completion of the previous period T.

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