General Formula to calculate Participation Score

PSn=PSn1Pn\displaystyle PS_{n} = PS_{n-1} \cdot \overrightarrow P_n

where P\overrightarrow P is the Performance of a Member (j) in a given period, represented as the ratio between given and expected contribution points (GCpECp)(\frac {GCp}{ECp}), using ECp' to include a time factor ΔT\Delta T

We calculate Pj\overrightarrow P_{\tiny j} as:

Pj=GCjECj\overrightarrow P_{\tiny j} = \frac {GC_{\tiny j}} {EC'_{\tiny j}}

Deep-dive: Performance Stability

In some use-cases, may be relevant to calculate the “stability” in someone’s performance.

To simplify this process, you may want to use the parameter ΔP\Delta \overrightarrow P - representing the change in Performance of a member between a period and the other, and calculated as:

ΔP=(P(n)P(n1)P(n1))\displaystyle \Delta \overrightarrow P = (\frac {\overrightarrow P_{\tiny(n)} - \overrightarrow P_{\tiny(n-1)}} {\overrightarrow P_{\tiny(n-1)}})

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