Conclusions & Initial Applications

The parametric, weight-based approach to υ\upsilon makes the general formula for υ\upsilon infinitely expandable - allowing the addition of more parameters after the 3 original ones (variety, betweenness and centrality), based on free market dynamics.

Initially, at the onboarding Period ( T0T_{0}), each ĀID will receive a default weight of 0.30.\overline3 for each parameter. Later (from Period 1, P1P_{1}, ahead), they will be able to distribute a custom weight to each of the 3 parameters at will, till reaching the total of 1.

By calculating the Peer Value of a Participant in the context of each Hub they participate in, we can create a rich, multi-dimensional view of their overall impact within the ecosystem - and a nuanced representation of the relationships between contributors and the communities they participate in.

In this directed graph-based model:

  • each Hub h\boxed {h \cdot} can be represented as a Node

  • each contributor (j) can be represented as an Edge

  • each action/task/interaction completed by j in any of their Hubs is represented as a Link

Incorporating a directed graph-based approach to Peer Value / Global Reputation within the Āutonomy Matrix offers a powerful and granular way to model and visually represent the complex relationships and inter(in)dependencies within the decentralized ecosystem.

To implement this directed graph-based approach in the Āutonomy Matrix, we create and maintain a graph that captures the relationships between contributors and Hubs, as well as the relevant metrics ( PS and PPS \text{ and }\mathfrak P) for each Node, Edge and Link. The υ\upsilon scores can then easily be calculated and updated in real-time as contributors participate in different communities / contribute to different projects, while in parallel the Prestige of those Hubs evolves.

By providing a contextual, multi-dimensional view of contributor reputation, this approach can help foster greater trust, collaboration, and value creation across the ecosystem.

With or without us. Within or beyond our lifetime :)


A global, self-sovereign reputation (= not assigned by others, but gained through one's own actions and weighted through a meritocratic, math-based system) can unlock incredible things, and bring human society 10 steps forward.

Things such as profit-sharing, credit score, mutual credit, UBI, workers' comp (in case of injury), retirement plans etc. would be as easy as multiplying every contributor's/participant's premium for their υ\upsilon coefficient.

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