Defining an Organizational Type

A Hub is defined as any digital, decentralized group of any sort - from a tech project with decentralized contributors, to an artist collective, to a DAO, to network state and a digital nation - whereas an organizational type is that Hub’s “template”, the configuration that can assume to optimize its structure for that specific group’s dynamics, while minimizing overheads such as redundant voting and third-party - often off-chain - integrations. Moreover, an organizational type allows online communities to specialize in a specific area that better reflects their goal and the internal balance and equilibrium between their participants - powering a fair, customizable, mathematically-measurable set of KPIs to evaluate results and period-by-period growth of a community both for internal and external purposes.

Organizational types derive from the concept of Prestige, the on-chain reputation of a community based on its results overtime.

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