Hub<>Participant Accountability & Rewards

The Participation Score brings mutual accountability between participants and Hubs through:

  1. Bidirectional Influence:

    • Participants' scores influence Hub reputation (Prestige) and vice versa. High-performing participants enhance Hub’s prestige, while in turn reputable/credible Hubs will attract higher-quality contributors.

  2. Task Weight Assignment:

    • Hub operators and admins assign individual "weight" to each task (within a range of 1-to-10). This weight impacts both the Hub’s Prestige (through Total Community Points, TCP) and the participant’s Participation Score. The Expected Contributions (EC) value depends on TCP and the fractional individual Commitment Level (fiCL).

  3. Role-Based Contributions:

    • PS is tied to the specific role of a Participant within a Hub, ensuring that contributions are relevant and valuable to the community's goals. This role-based approach creates a clear link between individual efforts and collective success.

  4. Value-based Rewards:

    • Rewards and recognition within a Hub are directly linked to an individual’s PS, incentivizing participants to deliver their promises (their iCL) and maintain stable, high quality contributions. This creates a game-theoretical feedback loop where Hubs and participants mutually benefit from each other's success.

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