Initial Applications

A global, self-sovereign reputation (= not assigned by others but gained through one's actions and weighted through a meritocratic, math-based system) can unlock incredible things and bring human society ten steps forward.

Things such as profit-sharing, credit score, mutual credit, UBI, workers' comp (in case of injury), retirement plans, etc., would be as easy as multiplying every contributor's/participant's premium for their υ\upsilon coefficient.

An on-chain, verifiable Reputation offers infinite social and financial applications - specifically, it’s at the foundation of a brand-new area of finance: RepFi, Reputation Finance.

We've already designed and started to build an instrument on top of it, specifically designed for and accessible exclusively from the ĀutOS: Peer Staking.

A gamified investment mechanism where individuals can stake their Reputation tokens, predicting the growth of other members' υ\upsilon. It works as a social prediction market-making instrument, where Stakers can select the extent and the risk profile of their predictions and are rewarded/slashed based on the accuracy of their predictions.

Other obvious applications include:

  • Unrealized Rep as a Collateral (URRC)

  • Freelancers Pensions & Insurance

  • Universal Credit Score & UBI

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