Existing Organizational Types

From the parameters p we can extract 5 community types:

  1. Size: dominant parameter -> Sundefined\overlinesegment S A relative value that represents how “big” a Hub compared to others in the ecosystem. This Archetype encourages the largest projects to verify & maintain a positive influence in the overall ecosystem.

  2. Participation: dominant parameter -> PS\overline {PS} The average Participation Score of a Hub’s Contributors. This Archetype gives more insights about the shared trust between members, and their constant effort towards a common goal.

  3. Conviction: dominant parameter -> iCL\overline {iCL} The avg. Commitment of the contributors of your Hub. This archetype is for the true believers – reflecting Members’ level of trust and belief in your project’s vision.

  4. Performance: dominant parameter -> P\overrightarrow P The ratio between tasks created and tasks completed during a given period. This Archetype is for ambitious, coordinated communities set to create real impact and thrive.

  5. Growth: dominant parameter -> Gˇ\check G Everything starts with something. This Archetype is not for the largest Hubs, it’s for the ones with a continuous, organic, slow and steady growth determined by their scale.

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