By definition, each community, collective, nation or working group is so defined because it stands for something - whether that’s a mission or a shared purpose - that allows participants to join together for free association - disregarding whether the organization itself lives in the analog or digital world. This paper aims to expand the design of Prestige, a framework that allows to measure a Hub’s on-chain credibility.

A hub can be seen as the decentralized, smart-contract-powered equivalent of a website. In fact, on one side and with minimal adjustments decentralized communities can manage and determine their KPIs behind the hood, using a protocol-based, smart-contract-powered approach, and on the other, in fully permissionless fashion, we can let participants to those decentralized, online communities to interact with any end-user interface powering them with smart contracts and decentralized technologies behind the hood. This framework allows communities and contributors to measure valuable things such as KPIs and milestones directly on-chain, previously considered impossible, while at the same time defining and adding on-chain archetypes and indicators directly from an UI. These indicators are, de-facto, the archetype, the "soul" of a community, and the KPIs to establish its success and growth overtime.

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