Core Parameters

cc : the constraining factor. It determines the maximum growth of PS from a period to the other. Especially useful with attack vectors such as Cannibal Members.

iCLiCL : Commitment Level. Represents the commitment level (CL) of an individual member (i), ranging from 1 to 10.

TCPTCP : Total Contributions Points in a Community. Sum of all contributions points available in a community in a given period. They can be acquired by members by completing tasks and interactions. Each Task and Interaction has a custom weight (spacing between 1 and 10).

tiCLtiCL : Total Commitment Level in the Community. Sum of all participants' Individual Commitment Levels (iCL). Calculated as j=1niCLj\sum_{j = 1}^{n} iCL_{j}

fiCLfiCL : Fractional Commitment Level per Individual. Fraction of total commitment attributed to each member. It represents the weight that a member’s i has respect to the whole.

ECPECP : Expected Contribution Points. Calculated as fiCL×TCPfiCL \times TCP.

ECPECP' : Normalized ECPECP that considers the Time Factor ( TT)

GCPGCP : Given Contribution Points. Actual contributions made by a member in a given period.

PS PS : the Participation Score of a Participant in a Hub [h][\tt h \cdot]. Each participant start with a PS=100PS = 100.

pp_{\tiny \ominus} : the penalty factor in case of inactivity during a given period. With a default value of 0.4, then customizable.

P\overrightarrow P : the Performance of a Participant within a Hub - given by the ratio between given and expected contribution points ( GCPECP\frac {GCP}{ECP}) in a given period T, using ECP'.

ΔT\Delta T : a time factor that helps determine the actual EC based on the time left in a period —> EC=EC×Δ(T)EC' = EC \times \Delta(T)

wtfwtf = Withdrawal Fee in case of a member leaving a community before the end of a period.

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