Parameters: α, β & γ

Initial Parameters for υ\upsilon

Initially, we will be using three (3) main parameters for evaluating an individual’s Peer Value (Global Reputation):

  • The Centrality of the contribution of a Participant across their Hubs.

  • The Betweenness (Interconnection) of a Participant respect to their peers.

  • The Variety in the Contributions delivered by a Participant across all their Hubs.

From these parameters, we can simplify the general formula as:

υ(j,H)=(wα×α)+(wβ×βj)+(wγ×γ)3\displaystyle \upsilon_{\tiny (j, \tt H \cdot)} = \frac {(w_{\tiny \alpha} \times \alpha) + (w_{\tiny \beta} \times β_{\tiny j}) + (w_{\gamma} \times \gamma)} {3}


  • υj,N\upsilon_{j, \tt N \cdot} is the Peer Value of Participant j across all their Hubs [h][\tt h \cdot] in the set [H][\tt H \cdot].

  • α\alpha is the Centrality of j's Participation Score (PS) in all their Hubs.

  • β\beta is the Interconnection (Betweenness) of j with their peers.

  • γ\gamma is the variety of j’s contributions across their Hubs

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