More about Expected Contributions

Expected Contributions (ECp) represent the expected value contributed by a participant to a Hub, based on their Commitment Level (iCL) and the tasks created and taken.

EC is necessary for:

  1. Performance Measurement:

    • EC is the benchmark to meet in order for a participant to be fairly and meritocratically evaluated based on their actual contributions (against the expected ones), providing a measurable, human metric to assess their performance.

  2. Accountability and Incentives:

    • By setting clear expectations, EC enhances accountability. Each period (1 month), Participants are incentivized to meet or exceed their EC in order to maintain or grow their Participation Score (PS).

  3. Impact on Hub Prestige:

    • The EC-based aggregated performance across all participants, directly influences the Hub’s Prestige - reflecting the collective expected value and the Hub's overall growth and ability to deliver on its KPIs.

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