Intro about Prestige

A measurable, extendable model for on-chain KPIs, accountability & self-assessment for decentralized projects & DAOs.

The absolute value, or Prestige, of a decentralized project, community or DAO represents their on-chain credibility - based on their activity, tasks, balance in contributors’ skills and efforts.

It relies on a mathematical, context-agnostic system to verify and self-asses a project’s ability to complete tasks, achieve milestones and ultimately its growth and real traction. It replaces vanity-metrics and off-chain externalities with a basket of independent parameters with customizable weights.

The rationale behind it is that, as the decentralized space evolves, it’s critical for decentralized hubs - such as open-source project, DAOs, network states, etc. - to be accountable and measure its KPIs on-par with regular, real-world organizations.

In fact, if on one side the Participation Score and alternative systems aim to verify individual contributor’s credibility and value, it's crucial for a community's credibility to be both internally and externally verifiable. Prestige allows projects to prove their milestones and growth based on KPIs set by themselves internally - both as a warranty for the community itself, as well as for researchers assessing a DAO’s health, or investors considering to fund it.

This accountability extends the relationship between a member's participation within a community (their local reputation) and its value in the wider ecosystem - allowing an individual’s Global Reputation to be reliable and verifiable in the entire ecosystem.

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